About the A_LAB

A new experiential enterprise

Is it a place? A program? A place to experiment? An experience? The answer is “yes.”

The Atlanta Laboratory for Learning, or A_LAB for short, is all of those things and more. The A_LAB is a symbol, both on and off campus, of our commitment to exceptional engagement between theory and practice, embracing the city of Atlanta and the world as OUR laboratory. We believe that integration of purpose, planet, and profit is the way of the future. The combination of our renowned liberal arts and sciences curriculum with relevant, real-world experiences is developing the hearts and minds that will become tomorrow’s responsible leaders.

The A_LAB is the new front door to the world beyond our campus walls. The physical place, and the programs within, serve as an incubator for the development of new ideas and novel ways to test classroom learning. The A_LAB opens doors for students and supports their experiences. And those experiences are ambitious, even adventurous.

A living laboratory within life’s laboratory

The A_LAB is and will continue to be a work in progress. We have only cracked the surface of what’s possible. As we help students tell their stories, we create the A_LAB story at the same time. Staff are shifting their thinking and widening their perspectives. Faculty are exploring ways to integrate their curriculum with the A_LAB experience. Student learning is being enhanced in profound ways. Join us as we continue to create the A_LAB.