Civic Engagement Student Positions

Civic Engagement Student Positions 2016-2017


All positions have been filled for the 2016-17 school year. Check back in the spring 2017 semester for the 2017-18 application process!

The Center for Civic Engagement, in the Atlanta Laboratory for Learning, employs students in the positions below. Each position is 10 hours per week and is open for general student employment as well as federal work study. Students may apply to as many positions as they desire and are eligible for.

CCE Summer Intern

The Summer Intern position is a summer paid position in the Center for Civic Engagement. The position requires 25-30 hours per week to help facilitate various summer projects and provide front desk coverage to the Atlanta Laboratory for Learning. This position reports to the Assistant Director, Center for Civic Engagement.

CCE Van Driver

Civic Engagement Van Drivers serve a 1-year allotted term, mid-year review permitting within the Center for Civic Engagement. They report directly to the Van Coordinator and/or the CCE Assistant Director. Generally speaking, drivers’ responsibilities include driving for OUr Atlanta visits, transporting students to service projects, and participating in service projects, as requested. Only open to rising seniors or other persons 21 years of age.

Civic Engagement Ambassador

The role of the Civic Engagement Ambassador is to facilitate general functions in the Center for Civic Engagement including Days of Service, social media, recruitment efforts, and other outreach for the center.

Civic Engagement Program Ambassador

The Civic Engagement Program ambassador is a student with exceptional leadership and communication skills. This position is responsible for managing classroom placements at PATH Academy, training students for a mentoring program at PATH Academy, coordinating programs with Drew Charter School, and facilitating a campus-wide blood drive.

Civic Engagement Alternative Break Ambassador

The Civic Engagement Alternative Break Ambassador is responsible for the development, coordination, and implementation of two Alternative Break trips (Winter Break and Spring Break). This Ambassador is responsible for training the Team Captains responsible for leading the trips and ensuring successful implementation and assessment of the trips.