Oglethorpe fosters and supports the concept that international study, travel, and global explorations remain a vital part of a rigorous academic education. Through a growing global network of partnerships, agreements, and for-credit, short-term trips sponsored by the university, Oglethorpe offers an exciting array of opportunities for international education.

The mission of Global Education at Oglethorpe University is to provide academic and experiential opportunities and guidance for all students in study abroad. This department dedicates itself to a global reach for study which introduces, illuminates, integrates, exposes, and ultimately enriches our students in their quest for cultural understanding.
Our programs attempt to integrate the traditional classroom experiences with travel, language use, and direct encounters with international customs, history, and people.
Furthermore, we provide a study abroad program framework through a growing global network of partnerships, agreements, and for-credit, short-term trips—all of which serve as viable, significant investments of time and study. The A_LAB subscribes to the idea that study abroad remains a meaningful, balanced, and enlightening approach for the synthesis of theory and praxis, for both academic and personal explorations. The A_LAB aligns itself with the overall Oglethorpe University mission by providing a rigorous format and platform for structuring specific study abroad itineraries and excursions, enabling students to make a living and make a life, here and abroad.
The department strives to insure students balance their academic and experiential experiences and excursions, insisting upon careful construction of study abroad agendas. The study abroad program also enables students to initiate and build their own intellectual foundations for assessing and evaluating the cultures they wish to study or live in; the program focuses on researching universities and colleges abroad that make a sensible and feasible “fit” with Oglethorpe University and its liberal arts mission.

Dr. Jeffrey Collins
Director, Global Education
Cell Phone for International Use: 678.772.7921

Jeffrey H. Collins, Ph.D. is a professor of art history and anthropology, interdisciplinary studies, and future studies.

Jeffrey was previously a Dean of General Studies, taught at the University of North Carolina, and has held grants from Ohio State and the National Endowment for the Humanities for digs in Greece, from Princeton University in global civilizations and the history of art and technology, and presently serves on the Boards of the Lifeboat Research Foundation and the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies.

Jeffrey earned his BA in English from Baylor University in 1974, his MA from Colorado State University, and his Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies in 1982 from the University of Texas. His research areas include global culture and global communications, the interplay between art and science, ancient architecture, modern architecture, hominid evolution, the anthropology of religion and belief systems, Renaissance symbology and art, the fusion of art and modern technologies, futurism, AI, transhumanism, space exploration, and art as a tool for conscious evolution.

EF Atlanta
Jason Daily, Director

Global LEAD
Robbie Reese, Director

Student staff

Joseph White
International Programs Student Coordinator

Robert Findley
International Programs Student Coordinator and Tutor

Cleofe Sloan
Research Assistant and Tutor

Faculty contacts

The following professors may also be consulted for advice:

Professor (email) especially for exchanges with… office ext.
Chandler Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico Hearst 305 8382
Maher Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico Hearst 304 (504) 3473
Plotnik Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico Hearst 303 8378
Herschler China Lupton 1st Floor 8318
J. Knippenberg Europe Lupton 309 8341
Orme Europe Lupton 313 8342
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Collins Austria, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Mediterranean Library 2nd Floor (504) 3452
Steen Japan Hearst 314 8394