Applying for Academic Credit

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Who can apply for internship credit?

Internships are available in all majors for students who:

  1. Are a sophomore, junior or senior with minimum grade point average of 2.0.
  2. Demonstrate a clear understanding of goals they wish to accomplish in the experience
  3. Possess the necessary academic and personal background to accomplish these goals.

Transfer students must complete one semester at Oglethorpe prior to participation.

You should apply for academic credit if an internship is required by your major and/or if you want the internship listed on your transcript.

For a more detailed list of requirements, visit the Resource Library on Handshake!

If you do not want academic credit:

  •  You still need to follow the same basic internship guidelines, and register your internship with the A_LAB
  • The internship requirements (2.0 GPA, sophomore status) are waived if you do not wish to receive academic credit.
  • Non-credit internships may begin and end at any time. You need not structure your experience around the academic calendar or the drop/add dates. However, you and your supervisor should agree on a suitable length of time. At least three months is recommended.
  • Don’t forget that internships should be learning experiences. Do not lose sight of your academic and career goals just because you aren’t receiving academic credit.