10 Interviewing Strategies for Success

Keep these tips in mind throughout the interview process to ensure a positive experience:

  1. Plans and Preparation make all the difference when interviewing. Use this as a reminder list of everything you’ve learned.
  2. Do a good job in the pre-interview activities to insure a successful interview.
  3. Interview with a variety of organizations. Don’t focus all your attention on the Fortune 500 companies. Remember, the largest growth in the job market will be with small to medium size companies.
  4. Consider all possibilities. Don’t reject an employer or a position because you think you know something about the industry/job. Talk to the employer and explore the opportunity. Remember, you are under no obligation to accept an offer if one comes your way.
  5. Look throughout the region, and to the extent possible, look at opportunities across the country. Flexibility will be key to any successful job search.
  6. Be persistent! If you haven’t heard from an employer in a timely fashion, call them to find out where they are in their process.
  7. Interview with any and all organizations, using all resources available to you. Take on-campus interviews, develop your own leads, follow up newspaper ads, and develop your own network.
  8. Maintain an accurate record of all your interviews. Who did you interview with (organization and individual)? When and where did you interview (date and place)? What did you think of the interview? Was there anything of note which was said during the interview? Did you send the thank you?
  9. Most importantly, keep at it!