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In today’s world, it isn’t enough to hope others will fix the problems around us. Leaders participate. They contribute their talents and strategize solutions to the obstacles real people face. The A_LAB is committed to developing leaders with the drive and know-how to make a difference, and supports that vision by empowering students to engage their own communities, and communities around the world. Through civic engagement, students gain critical insight into lives that may be very different from their own, and offers opportunities to grow as people while providing valuable time, talent, and energy in situations where they can do tremendous good.

These experiences are not just “feel good” events. Service Learning curricula melds the classroom experience with the rigors of service, instilling sought after qualities like teamwork, leadership, empathy, and enthusiasm, as well as concrete foundations for creative and intellectual advancement.

Are you doing an unpaid internship with a nonprofit this summer?  You may qualify for a scholarship.