Faculty-Led Trips

Faculty Led Trips

Academic travel and study abroad expose and enrich students in the emerging global community and the cultures’ arts, politics, and peoples of the world. The world becomes a classroom.

Studying abroad with the A_LAB integrates classroom lectures with the first-hand experience of travel and living in other countries. Oglethorpe provides a framework and format for the introduction to and discovery of different countries and the opportunity to earn credit and learn while traveling with OU professors. The A_LAB sponsors and directs not only our traditional student exchange component, but also creates and manages highly popular short-term programs during semester breaks and summers.

Our program offers programs to destinations like Italy, Greece, Spain, England, France, Germany, Asia, and Central and South America. The programs are usually announced months in advance of departure, and each program will be taken for academic credit. The professor guiding the program determines the course content, and the students upon return to Oglethorpe work independently on a project and/or paper under the professor’s supervision.

Students travel with their fellow students and friends, stay in excellent hotels, tour archaeological sites, museums, and monuments in every city visited. In addition, students will also have the opportunity to attend plays, musicals, and special events while abroad.

These well-planned, insightful programs offer unique opportunities for students who desire to see the world and experience it directly, earn credit while doing so, gain an introduction to the language, food, and customs of other cultures, and invest in their own intellectual and interpersonal development.

Students who qualify can also use financial aid for these programs. All students MUST take for credit and pay the tuition for the course associated with that program.

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