Past Programs

2015-16 Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Tokyo with Dr. R. Steen: May 14-23  (4 credit hours)

What is Tokyo? Ancient capital in Western clothing? Postmodern utopia? Out of control megalopolis? No matter how it’s defined, Tokyo is one of the most dynamic and culturally rich cities in the world. Explore the city in-depth through visits to museums, temples, shopping arcades and historic sites. A day trip to the historic city of Kamakura will provide added context. Pre-course readings, formal and informal writing assignments, and oral presentations will be assigned. No training in Japanese is required.

Cost: The total cost includes program fee, tuition, airfare, and incidentals.

The program fee for Tokyo will be based on the size of the group.
6-9: $2600
10-14: $2200
15+: $2000

Tuition will be $2000.

The total due to Oglethorpe will be $4600, $4200, or $4000, depending on the final size of the group. You will purchase your own plane ticket after consultation with the program leader.


London and Dublin with Drs. S. and J. Terry: June 19 – July 2 (2-6 credit hours)

For this study abroad trip to London and Dublin, students will have the choice of one (or both) of the following courses:

Modernism and Modern Identity: Walking and Writing London and Dublin (4 credit hours)

Modernism as an artistic movement, and modernity as a social phenomenon, are inextricably linked to urban life. This study abroad course uses the cities of London and Dublin as its grounding texts, and our central readings take these two modern cities—and their “traditional” rural and agrarian opposites—as explicit points of reference. Students will navigate the city on their own terms, recording their walks through writing, and leading one another on walking tours. To enrich our readings, we will visit museums and landmarks and enjoy local theater.

Intersections of Roman and Celtic Mythology and Legend (2 credit hours)

This two-unit course will explore medieval folkloric and mythological traditions of Britain and Ireland from an intersectional perspective. Using Chrétien de Troyes’ Perceval: The Story of the Grail as a point of departure, we will look forward and backward in time in order to discuss Chrétien’s Roman, British, and Irish sources as well as how Chrétien’s Arthurian cycle and its sources have influenced British and Irish literature and culture from the Middle Ages to the present day. To enrich our readings, we will visit museums and landmarks and enjoy a folklore performance.


Prices include tuition, all ground transport, all tickets to plays and performances (Globe, Abbey Theatre), entrance fees for all tours and museums, breakfast in London each day, and final formal banquet in Dublin.

  • For 7-10 students: $3,750 for 2 credits / $4,750 for 4 credits / $5,750 for 6 credits
  • For 10+ students: $3,400 for 2 credits / $4,400 for 4 credits / $5,400 for 6 credits

View printable PDFs of trip details and full itinerary for both courses.

2014-15 Short Term Study Abroad Programs

Shakespeare at London and Oxford: July 27 – August 9, 2015

This study abroad course offers in-depth study of three plays by Shakespeare. The class will integrate literary close-reading with student performance and play-going, as well as consideration of historical contexts—in London, Oxford, and Stratford-upon-Avon. Our studies will culminate in a 14-day trip to England, where students will attend plays (Royal Shakespeare Company, Globe Theatre, Oxford Shakespeare Company), visit historical sites, tour museums, and study Shakespeare in residence.

Fee: $4,550 (does not include plane fare).

View printable PDFs of trip details and full itinerary.