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Is it a place? A program? A place to experiment? The answer is “yes.”


The A_LAB Exchange is the large workspace with its own entrance off the TLCC atrium, and is open to faculty, staff and students for classes, small groups, brainstorming, meetings or individual discovery.

It’s a place for people to meet, collaborate, EXCHANGE ideas and explore. Dream up a new business or nonprofit. Host a brainstorming session or talk. Plan an event. Innovate. Write on the wall. Move the furniture. Design a prototype. Pull up a bean bag chair and watch the news. You don’t need permission! Just enter through the Exchange door (which can be accessed with your Petrel Pass during evening hours).

When you visit, there are a few things you should know:

  • There are no rules to using the A_LAB. Come by, say hello to the staff. We are here to help! Our front desk is staffed by students who can help with general questions, but feel free to come on back to our offices.
  • Sometimes the Exchange will be reserved for speakers, classes, meetings, or other events. In that case, please be respectful of those meeting in the space.
  • The A_LAB is a work in progress. It’s always evolving and improving. Let us know how the A_LAB can help you.