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Oglethorpe Journal of Undergraduate Research (OJUR) is a scholarly journal promoting undergraduate research. It seeks to preserve and make available the creative and academic invention of Oglethorpe’s campus constituency. The journal serves as both a digital repository of scholarly output and a platform for publishing works of the campus community that promote inventive and original works.

In addition to providing academic credibility to a student’s resume, the journal offers students a “scholarly experience.” Their articles proceed through the same process as a peer-reviewed journal.  A board of editors – Anne Salter, Dr. Charles Baube, Jon Hansen, Dr. Mike Rulison, and Dr. Linda Taylor – reviews the submissions and determines if they require edits  prior to publication. The board aims to publish three issues per year, including Honors students theses.

Once published, the articles are searchable on Google using a format that provides keywords using terms applicable to the specific discipline.  Publication in the journal makes all those academic rules and regulations, such as proper footnoting, bibliography and excellent research, take on a dimension of reality that is rewarding.  A student who is published can expect to add this achievement to his or her list of credentials.